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Throwback to…. Quiz Coconut On The Radio in Toronto!

Last month I was a guest on the hilarious Vinney White’s Sunday night show, on the NewsTalk1010 station (https://www.iheartradio.ca/newstalk-1010). I posed his listeners 10 questions about the brighter side of 2016 – great humanitarian and natural gains & achievements from the year that most people will regrettably now associate with a swathe of celebrity deaths.

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You can find the podcast of the show at www.vinneywhite.co.uk , episode 177 from about 25 minutes in. Enjoy!

For 99 humanitarian successes in 2016, check out: https://medium.com/future-crunch/99-reasons-why-2016-has-been-a-great-year-for-humanity-8420debc2823#.b3g12lmgc

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