In-Person & Virtual Team-Building
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In-Person & Virtual Events

Team-building that is actually FUN!

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Fun for the whole team

All ages and backgrounds

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In-office & remote staff

Strengthen team connections

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Fun that is easy to arrange

We set it all up – you enjoy yourself!

Virtual Events

In-Person Events

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In-Person Events

Quiz Coconut helps companies who want to boost staff morale

with fun and inclusive team building events

so they can strengthen employee connections.

Welcome to Quiz Coconut! When it comes to trivia nights, we aspire to be the best provider in Canada! Based in Toronto, and available across Ontario, and beyond. If you are searching for fun new corporate events to entertain the staff or boost productivity through a happier workforce, you can rely on us to bring you the best trivia events in Toronto!  Our events are a great way to entertain the team. All our corporate events are unique and can be customised. We arrange fun, inclusive and professional corporate trivia nights to strengthen your team connections. We cater for groups of up to around 300 people and are able to entertain them all simultaneously.

Virtual Team Building Events

Some say: Team-building can be uninspiring, especially virtually.

We say: You won’t believe how fun it can be!

 Beyond times of social distancing and remote work, we can re-engage your isolated team online with quiz events suitable for all. Perfect for a remote workforce, or if you have a mix of home and office staff. Using Zoom, we set up your virtual event for you and send links so you can invite the team.

Our Virtual Trivia Events are your virtual alternative to the usual team building, pub night, or new year kick-off! Challenges, optional customised content, themed bonuses, and a guide to help you elevate your event. Name That Tune and interactive rounds keep the variety and engagement high! The event runs for an hour so it easily fits in to your schedule. It will give you the opportunity to strengthen team connections and promote some friendly rivalry! You can see everyone’s faces as they get answers right or wrong – these online virtual trivia sessions are sure to raise a few smiles…

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