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Virtual Events That Are Actually FUN!

Make your next online event unforgettable with Quiz Coconut!

Our expert hosts will provide the energy and excitement to strengthen connections within your remote team.

Fun events that are designed to engage. Let’s get started!

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Re-Engage Your Remote Workforce

Team-building can be uninspiring, especially virtually. Allow us to prove it can be different! We can re-engage your isolated team online with trivia events suitable for all.

We set up your virtual event and send the links to you. Perfect for a mix of remote and office staff. Have fun with your colleagues, wherever they are in the world!

Strengthen Team Connections

Lasting 60-90 minutes, this activity strengthens team connections and promotes friendly rivalry.

You can see everyone’s faces as they answer questions correctly or incorrectly, or run around their homes looking for items against the clock.

These online virtual trivia sessions are sure to raise a few smiles. We can reinforce team bonds and foster some fun competition!

keep the variety and engagement high!

What’s Included?

Meet Your Hosts

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Virtual Event Pricing

Typically $750 - $1500 depending on group size and event date/time

Our virtual events can work with groups as small as 10, or as large as 500!

Setting Up Your Online Event Is Easy

All you need to do is choose your event date, then we will create the meeting and send you the links in an email invite. You can circulate this around your attendees. Then turn up! You may like to supply a prize for the winners, however sometimes playing for bragging rights is enough!  Whatever the number we can quiz your team online and have everyone play along simultaneously.

Team Building That Doesn’t Feel Like A Webinar!

A Quiz Coconut online event is not another webinar… These events allow every participant to have their cameras on and live streaming in real-time. Check out some of our testimonials here. Many clients book us for multiple events – you can be sure the content is fresh each time because we give each group new challenges and questions!

Embracing Inclusivity And Sustainability

From the receptionist to the CEO, everyone will enjoy the variety!

We’ve held quizzes for start-ups and retirement parties, schools and youth fairs. The content covers wide timelines. Our music round features elements from the classical era to current chart hits. The most successful teams usually have a mix of ages.

Is English your second language? No problem!

Our corporate events are suitable for all backgrounds and nationalities. Canada is a diverse country, so our content is too.

Globally friendly questions and challenges that have been tried and tested with people from around the world.

Our events are screen-free to maximise team interaction, so we do use paper – but we’re always looking to improve our environmental impact with our events.

Almost everything we use is either recyclable or reusable. In July 2023 we hosted an event for 300 people which was completely sustainable!

Available All Year Round, Worldwide!

We’ve hosted for people on six continents. Across Europe, North America, from Vietnam to Brazil, from Nigeria to Norway. Our virtual corporate event idea was created and fine tuned in the time of Coronavirus/Covid-19 but it’s become popular enough for us to keep them going! Taking our experience of in-person events and translating that energy through the Zoom camera, a thrilling new service was born! Enjoyable everywhere on the planet for colleagues in the work place or at home. Easy to arrange, cost-effective, and requiring minimal preparation from you, the organizer!

Companies can use our online events to increase morale and productivity. We love entertaining at traditional corporate meetings, sales kick offs, trade shows, happy hours – with live presenters and real attendees. However we can now offer virtual event ideas too, with many benefits. Now we can entertain across all time zones! Online team building can please the team without having to hire a venue, deal with their event planners, navigate event platforms and Google endless blogs and influencer profiles for the next big team building idea.

So what happens at an event? We use Zoom because it’s the easiest event platform in our experience. Watch the video and you can see some live action shots from previous company sessions and an explanation of the rounds that are involved. A typical team building virtual event involves live streaming a ‘game show’ style event, with lots of energy, variety, and fun rounds. We include a Price Is Right Challenge, a Name That Tune music round, along with tried and tested trivia and pictures. A thrilling speed bonus round finishes the session which builds on the virtual culture because it allows any attendee to win bonuses for their teams. We even have interactive challenges that get attendees running around their own homes looking for items!

Once you’ve decided on a virtual online trivia games event idea, you can leave the entertainment expo to us! In advance the only event planning you need to do is ensure your teams have a line of communication between them to discuss their answers. Any online conference software is good, or a Whatsapp group. If you have a company Zoom account we can join your meeting, or run it on Microsoft Teams or Webex. We can’t use breakout sessions for big groups, it becomes fiddly and detracts from the atmosphere.

We customize the content to your company and for our Virtual Spectacular events can include bespoke extras in the virtual format. You can include prizes, gift cards, for winners – though this isn’t essential because people are happiest just to beat their colleagues! After the Zoom session is finished, our presenter will hand the hosting over to you – so your colleagues can socialize. You could set up breakout rooms for smaller meets or have one big communal get together. Keep the spirits high and ride the wave of the virtual event idea you’ve just enjoyed. People may be gunning for a rematch next week or next year, or share their wins on social media with stickers. You will have plenty of talking points!

For the majority of the 2010s we’ve been putting our energy in to live real-time ‘in-person’ ice breakers and corporate events. We’ve hosted hundreds of team building events for companies such as Google, Disney, Pepsi, banks, accountancy firms, law firms… and plenty of start-ups too. Covid-19 dealt a temporary halt to that; so we put all our efforts in to new projects. The main being virtual event planning and hosting. As we hit 500 hosted online team building events, we have the skills to bring fun to remote workers. James, Luke, Elaine, Angela, Anabelle, Alex (and around 20 others) are the quizmasters you can rely on! Find out more about us.

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