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50 Top Trivia Questions in Canada

Are you looking for the perfect way to entertain a crowd? Whether it be a corporate event, friends birthday party, pub night out or even a Friday night in, there is nothing that beats a classic night of trivia.

Check out this article outlining the top 50 Trivia Questions and answers in Canada as of 2024 and gather the crowd for an evening of endless laughs!

General Trivia Questions

1. Who invented the telephone?
Answer: Alexander Graham Bell
2. In what year did the Titanic sink?
Answer: 1912
3. Who wrote the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”?
Answer: Harper Lee
4. What is the smallest planet in our solar system?
Answer: Mercury
5. What is the capital city of Spain?
Answer: Madrid
6. Who painted the famous picture “The Starry Night”?
Answer: Vincent van Gogh
7. What is the currency used in Japan?
Answer: Japanese yen
8. Who wrote the play “Romeo and Juliet”?
Answer: William Shakespeare
9. What is the world’s largest desert by area?
Answer: Sahara Desert
10. Who is the current president of France?
Answer: Emmanuel Macron
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Entertainment Questions


1. Who starred as Tony Stark aka Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Answer: Robert Downey Jr.
2. Which movie musical features the songs “The Sound Of Music” and “Edelweiss”?
Answer: The Sound Of Music
3. Who is the author of the Harry Potter book series?
Answer: J.K. Rowling
4. In which TV show does the character Walter White appear?
Answer: Breaking Bad
5. Who played the character of Neo in the movie, “The Matrix”?
Answer: Keanu Reeves
6. Who directed the movie “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial”?
Answer: Steven Spielberg
7. Who played the character of Jack Dawson in the movie, “Titanic”?
Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio
8. What is the name of Ariana Grande’s debut album?
Answer: Yours Truly
9. Which hit Broadway show features the songs “My Shot” and “Hamilton”?
Answer: Hamilton
10. Who played the character of Rachel Green in the TV show, “Friends”?
Answer: Jennifer Aniston
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Food Related Questions


1. What is the most-consumed manufactured drink in the world?
Answer: Tea
2. What type of beans are used to make baked beans?
Answer: Navy beans
3. What ingredient makes hot sauce spicy?
Answer: Capsaicin
4. What is the main ingredient in guacamole?
Answer: Avocado
5. What type of pastry is used to make profiteroles?
Answer: Choux pastry
6. What is the most expensive spice in the world by weight?
Answer: Saffron
7. What fruit is known as “the king of fruits” in Southeast Asia?
Answer: Durian
8. What type of cheese is traditionally used in a classic Greek salad?
Answer: Feta cheese
9. What classic Italian dish translates to “hunter’s chicken” in English?
Answer: Chicken Cacciatore
10. What is the national dish of Spain?
Answer: Paella
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Science Questions


1. What year did the first human land on the moon?
Answer: 1969
2. What is the smallest element on the periodic table?
Answer: Hydrogen
3. What part of the human brain controls motor function?
Answer: Cerebellum
4. What is the chemical symbol for gold?
Answer: Au
5. What is the nearest planet to Earth?
Answer: Venus
6. What are the three states of matter?
Answer: Solid, liquid, gas
7. Who is known as the “father of genetics”?
Answer: Gregor Mendel
8. What is the formula for water?
Answer: H2O
9. What is the largest planet in our solar system?
Answer: Jupiter
10. What is the name of the process by which plants convert light energy to chemical energy?
Answer: Photosynthesis
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All Ages Trivia Questions


1. What is the name of the biggest ocean on Earth?
Answer: Pacific Ocean
2. How many planets are in our solar system?
Answer: Eight
3. What is the capital city of Australia?
Answer: Canberra
4. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Answer: SpongeBob SquarePants
5. What is the name of Mickey Mouse’s pet dog?
Answer: Pluto
6. How many letters are in the alphabet?
Answer: 26
7. What are the five primary flavors that human beings can taste?
Answer: Sweet, salty, sour, bitter, umami
8. What are baby sheep called?
Answer: Lambs
9. What animals do not have teeth?
Answer: Birds
10. What is the name of the fairy in Peter Pan?
Answer: Tinker Bell

Well, there you have it! Some fuel for your family and friends trivia night.

Have any suggestions for trivia questions that you can’t stop thinking about? Write to us at james@quizcoconut.ca for a chance to have your question featured on our podcast.

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