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Annual Staff Party Ideas 2024

Annual Staff Party Ideas

For all the things your workers do then it is a great idea to have at least one party a year. Ideas for Annual Staff Party are great to boost morale among the workers. They create a bond. It tells them and shows just how thankful you are for all their hard work. There are all types of things a company can do for annual parties. This article should give you an idea of just some of those things you might consider if you are going to host a party for your staff!

Indoors or Outdoors

Most annual office party plans will take place in the run up to the holiday season and Christmas. The second most popular time is the summer holidays. Many companies choose summer office party ideas for their workforce. It tends to be a bit quieter in most industries and it’s a great time to throw a team building activity in the mix.

Seasonal Activities

When you are looking at doing a corporate event, you first want to consider when you are going to have this event. The time of year will help you to determine if you have it indoors or outdoors. Some think that if they have it indoors then you are limited to what you do, but there are all sorts of games and activities that you can do indoors as well as many themes you can choose from. It is true that when you are outside, you might have just a few more options, but rest assured, you have plenty of things to choose from.

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It’s All About the Holidays

One of the biggest times companies choose to do their annual parties is around the holidays, which makes sense as the mood is normally better than the run in to the end of the fiscal year. Some of the holiday party ideas you can do would be to have Santa if you are inviting the kids. Raffles are a huge hit if you are wanting to give away great things for your employees.

There are all sorts of themes you can do with a Christmas party. A winter in wonderland is one such type. Snowflakes and glitter are a must have if this is the type you are going for. Candlelight for decorating with tons of reds and greens are another way to go. There are endless options with holiday party ideas as we are finding when doing our research. There are some great resources you can use when you start needing annual staff party ideas.

Is January Quieter?

In fact, January is one of the most popular times for office party ideas to come to fruition. November and December are very busy in venues and many industries have their events in January. The hospitality industry is one idea of a company who tend to have their office party take place in the New Year.

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All About Location

When it comes to a corporate event, location is everything. Let’s think about your annual staff party ideas. If you have a larger group, you might benefit with an outdoor type of event. One of those events could be a picnic extravaganza. If you choose this type of themed corporate event, you could have the food catered. Or you could have someone bring a dish while you provide the highest cost which would be the meats.

When you do an outside gathering you can easily have your employees families join. Kids would be more than welcome, depending on the idea for your annual staff party. Some are more risqué thank others! Games and activities are always a wise idea if this is what you choose to do. One of the popular things to rent would be bounce houses (bouncy castles for our friends over the pond). Getting a professional clown or something of the sort to do balloon animals or face painting is also a wonderful way to win the children and parents over.

Indoor Fun

If you choose something indoors, then you have more options to go with. You may lose the fresh air but you guarantee weather. You can have a sit down catered corporate event. This is one of the biggest choices many companies choose to do as a part of their annual party ideas for their staff If this should be your option, hiring a band to play live music is just a wonderful touch at your holiday party.

Maybe you want a lighter touch. That can be done as well. We have seen office parties where they did a trivia night. It’s fun to see who the smartest people are among your groups. It’s quite easy to set up as well. Teams can be formed and laughter would be spread all around. It would be a night to remember.

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Others have had their corporate event indoors, but at some function. There have been many medium sized businesses who have gone to professional games such as a hockey game or an NFL football game. These types of places have suites that can be rented out. You can have food catered and have a great show as well!

Other Holiday Parties

If you want to be different from all the other companies or maybe you want to party a little more, there are other holidays where fun can be had. Other holiday party ideas would be to ring in the new year with your employees. Grab some champagne with some great music is always a big hit. Of course, you can’t ring in the New Year though without a way to count down the seconds!

Some of you might think outside the box. For annual staff party ideas you don’t see too many companies having a Halloween party, but there are many who might enjoy dressing up and scaring the night away. This type of party could be a costume party. You could choose the types of costumes people wear and should you choose to do this every year, the costume genre of choice could be different. Much like a prom has a theme each year, there are just so many major holidays to choose from.

What About The Budget?

Some people seem to think you need to have a huge budget to work with when you are coming up with ideas for corporate events. It’s wise to have someone who is in the market to help you when you are planning whether the event is themed or not. Office parties can be wild if you want them to be or just laid back and relaxed. They can be done within the budget you have to work with and there are plenty of ideas to choose from.

A Solution

If you are looking for a company that can help you with anything in the party world, then Quiz Coconut is just the company for you. They can handle all your needs for any type of corporate event. Office parties are just their sort of thing as well as holiday party ideas for annual staff parties.

Call them for all your themed and not themed party planning needs as they are there to assist. With the office parties they can throw, your parties will be the parties coworkers talk about for days to come. It doesn’t matter the budget you have for your party.

It’s good to know pricing before you start preparing for your annual staff party. It is improtant to know what you are getting. This pricing guide shows clearly what you can expect in return for your budget.

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Let Us Hear Your Thoughts On Office Annual Party Ideas!

Which ideas for annual staff parties have you enjoyed? Have any ideas that aren’t here? Considering organizing a staff party and looking for ideas? Get in touch at james@quizcoconut.ca and see if we can help with ideas for your annual staff party!

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