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Team Building That Is Actually FUN!

Are you tired of team-building exercises that seem to lack any real impact? Well, it’s time to change the game!

Make your next event unforgettable! We’ll engage your colleagues with fun questions, music rounds, unique interactive challenges and more…

Events designed to improve team connections. Let’s see who will be the ultimate trivia champions!

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In-Person Events Are Back!

Are you trying to plan an event that will be talked about for years to come? Are you looking for a way to bring your team together, collaborate and create some friendly competition? Look no further than Quiz Coconut, Toronto’s premier trivia event provider! We offer fun, inclusive, professional and authentic British quiz nights.

Our team is dedicated to making team building fun and exciting. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or a team building session, our trivia experience is designed to engage and challenge your participants, while also providing a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We believe in creating unforgettable experiences for our clients. So what are you waiting for? Let’s partner up and make your event a success!

If you are looking to strengthen your team’s connections, whatever their department, age, background or seniority – Quiz Coconut is the answer!

strengthen employee connections!

You won’t believe how fun team building can be!

Here at Quiz Coconut, we believe that team-building should be an experience that not only brings your team closer together but also inspires them to accomplish great things.

That’s why we specialize in unique and engaging team-building activities that are tailored to meet the specific needs and collaboration goals of your team.

We help companies who want to boost staff morale with fun and inclusive team building events so they can strengthen employee connections. We cover Toronto, the GTA, Ontario and beyond!

keep the variety and engagement high!

Make The Team More Connected!

Meet Your Hosts

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What’s Included?

For an exact quote please contact us

Typically Between $1500-3000


45-60 minutes


90 minutes


2-3 hours

Embracing Inclusivity and Sustainability

From the receptionist to the CEO, everyone will enjoy the variety!

We’ve held quizzes for start-ups and retirement parties, schools and youth fairs. The content covers wide timelines. Our music round features elements from the classical era to current chart hits. The most successful teams usually have a mix of ages.

Is English your second language? No problem!

Our corporate events are suitable for all backgrounds and nationalities. Canada is a diverse country, so our content is too.

Globally friendly questions and challenges that have been tried and tested with people from around the world.

Our events are screen-free to maximise team interaction, so we do use paper – but we’re always looking to improve our environmental impact with our events.

Almost everything we use is either recyclable or reusable. In July 2023 we hosted an event for 300 people which was completely sustainable!

Quiz Coconut’s corporate entertainment experiences are totally hands off – we can come to your place of work or chosen venue and you can leave the fun to us. Whether it be the office, local bar, a party venue, rooftop patio or boutique ballroom – we are flexible. We can help to suggest venues that we know work for this type of thing.

Our events encourage group participation. Your colleagues will be divided on to equal size teams and then compete as those teams against each other. At the end, there will be one winning team! Your attendees work together, simultaneously, in answering questions and performing challenges. Let us stir up that office rivalry and see who takes the bragging rights back to the office the next day! A typical event includes questions and music with interactive and creative rounds. Something for everyone and a mixture of topics and challenges. 

This is not Jeopardy with people competing for individual glory – this is all about how well people collaborate, delegate and work as a team!

We cover Canada! Based in Toronto, servicing the GTA and southern Ontario. We’ve been to Thunder Bay, Blue Mountain, Mont Tremblant, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, Calgary… we love to spread the trivia phenomenon all across Canada!

Our corporate events centre on the traditional ‘pub quiz night’ experience, or trivia as it is often referred to. This style means that players can participate as much as they would like to – conveniently allowing players to be seated at the table for the entire time or to get up and embarrassing themselves in front of the office.

All packages include help with logistics. We will liaise with your venue prior to the occasion and bring any necessary audio visual equipment with us to the event space. No need for any confusing set up or external AV companies charging an arm and a leg. Just ask us if you need any help.

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