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Virtual Team Building Events

Great news – we’ve adapted our team building events in to online trivia events for the team! Perfect for these times of social distancing and remote work.  We offer virtual team building with quiz events suitable for all. If you need to re-energise your attendees virtually, wherever they are in the world, this could be the answer! Using Zoom, we set up the virtual event for you and send links so you can invite the team. Arrange your colleagues in to equal sized teams and you’re ready to begin!

‘Game Show’ Style Online Events

We’ve developed an exciting burst of ‘game-show’ style interactive virtual trivia that lasts either 60 or 75 minutes.  Therefore, you can fit it easily in to your schedule. For Christmas events or standalone office parties, we offer the Virtual Spectacular for up to 500 attendees. This online event won’t demand too much time or effort from your remote workers because it’s easy to access. And it will give the opportunity to promote some friendly rivalry! You can see everyone’s faces as they gets answers right or wrong – these virtual online trivia sessions certainly raise a few smiles… 

Rated #1 For Virtual Online Trivia Events In Toronto – Available In Canada and USA

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‘2021 Virtual Holiday Spectacular’


Varied Holiday Themed & General Knowledge Trivia

+ Name That Tune Round

+ Popular Game Show Elements

+ Interactive Challenge

+ ‘Fastest Fingers First’ Bonus Finale

+ Optional Bonuses for ‘Best Dressed’, ‘Worst Christmas Sweater’ etc.

+ Optional Customized Content


Our holiday season team events are your virtual alternative to the usual end of year office party! You may have limited options in our online world for a festive bash, but we can help. Our Spectacular is an extra special version suited for one-off office parties. Extra challenges, customised content, themed bonuses and a guide to help you elevate your event! The guide includes cocktail ideas, snack recipes, team name themes, suggestions for how to make your Zoom screen as festive as possible etc. With so many ideas to help you make your first or second (but hopefully last) virtual Christmas team building activity amazing, we’ve got you covered!

We tend to limit references to specific religious customs, rather keep general content that can be enjoyed by all. We can include as much or as little ‘Christmas’ content as you like. Some, or none. You decide!

Book 90 minutes for the fun and some buffer time for socializing or announcements. For more information about our end of year office party team events, view the guide here.

Meet Your Hosts


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Our Virtual Trivia Events Encourage Team Building

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Virtual Event Pricing

60 or 75 Minutes of content

Charismatic host to run the event

Trivia round, 'name-that-tune' round, interactive challenges & games


Suitable for remote workers and office workers

Customization available

Lots of laughter and group interaction!

Typically $750 - $1500 depending on group size and event date/time

subject to HST

Setting Up Your Online Event Is Easy

Our virtual events work best for groups of 20-500, however we have catered for as few as 10 and can cater for groups up to 500, with our Virtual Spectacular – a slightly longer version suited for a large group of attendees. Whatever the number we can quiz your team online whether it’s in one group or various sessions. If you have a really large group we can set up multiple events, or create a virtual quiz league. It’s less of a webinar feel as these multiple person events allow every participant to have their cameras on and live streaming in real-time. If you would like to run recurring online events, then the price per quiz comes down per session. You can be sure the content is fresh for each time because we give each group new challenges and questions.

This Virtual Event Idea Is Not A Boring Webinar!

A Quiz Coconut online event is not another webinar… Check out some of our testimonials here or on social media using the links at the bottom of the page. Our virtual corporate event idea was created and fine tuned in the time of Coronavirus and Covid-19.  A new product was born! Because they can be enjoyed anywhere on the planet, they’ve become a popular alternative. So we’ll be offering this as a virtual experience ongoing as a fun way to break up endless boring webinars! It’s a way to give your attendees a continued virtual event experience. Why not establish a recurring monthly virtual team building trivia league and keep your team happy even after social distancing ends? 

How It Works Virtual Quiz Night

All Year Round:  ‘The Virtual Game Show’


General Knowledge Trivia Round

+ Name That Tune Round

+ Game Show Round

+ Interactive Challenge

+ ‘Fastest Fingers First’ Bonus Finale

Our Virtual Game Show events are your virtual alternative to the usual team building, pub night or new year kick off! You may have limited options in our online world for a sales kick-off or new product launch, but we can help. Our virtual game show event is an extra special version suited for one-off office parties. Challenges, optional customised content, themed bonuses and a guide to help you elevate your event! The guide includes an overview to set the event up for success. With team name themes, suggestions for how to make your Zoom screen as interesting as possible etc. With so many ideas to help you make your team building activity amazing, we’ve got you covered!

For more information about our virtual events, view the guide here.

Our Corporate Events Build Virtual Culture

Since the pandemic began event planners in companies have been looking for ways to boost office culture, when their workers are at home. Virtual events boost office culture, which is important during these uncertain times. Companies can use our online events to increase morale and therefore productivity. We definitely miss entertaining at traditional corporate meetings, sales kick offs, trade shows, happy hours – with live presenters and real attendees. However we can now offer virtual event ideas, with some benefits. Now we can entertain across all time zones! Online team building for the win! You can also please the team without having to hire a venue, deal with their event planners, navigate event platforms and Google endless blogs and influencer profiles for the next big team building idea.

Virtual Team Building Activities

So what happens at an event? We use Zoom because it’s the easiest event platform in our experience. Watch the video and you can see some live action shots from previous company sessions and an explanation of the rounds that are involved. A typical team building virtual event involves live streaming a ‘game show’ style event, with lots of energy, variety, and fun rounds. We include a Price Is Right Challenge, a Name That Tune music round, along with tried and tested trivia and pictures. A thrilling speed bonus round finishes the session which builds on the virtual culture because it allows any attendee to win bonuses for their teams. We even have interactive challenges that get attendees running around their own homes looking for items!

Event Planning And Event Attendees

Once you’ve decided on a virtual online trivia games event idea, you can leave the entertainment expo to us! In advance the only event planning you need to do is ensure your teams have a line of communication between them to discuss their answers. Any online conference software is good, or a Whatsapp group. If you have a company Zoom account they can use the dashboard chat function using a hashtag for particular people. We can’t use breakout sessions for big groups, it becomes fiddly and detracts from the atmosphere.

Other Benefits Of Online Team Building

We customize the content to your company and for our Virtual Spectacular events can include bespoke extras in the virtual format. You can include prizes, gift cards, for winners – though this isn’t essential because people are happiest just to beat their colleagues! After the Zoom session is finished, our presenter will hand the hosting over to you – so your colleagues can socialize. You could set up breakout rooms for smaller meets or have one big communal get together. Keep the spirits high and ride the wave of the virtual event idea you’ve just enjoyed. People may be gunning for a rematch next week or next year, or share their wins on social media with stickers. You will have plenty of talking points!

What is Quiz Coconut all about?

For the majority of the 2010s we’ve been putting our energy in to live real-time ‘in-person’ ice breakers and corporate events. We’ve hosted hundreds of team building events for companies such as Google, Disney, Pepsi, banks, accountancy firms, law firms… and plenty of start-ups too. Covid-19 dealt a temporary halt to that; so we’ve put all our efforts in to new projects. The main being virtual event planning and hosting, and a podcast is imminent. As we approach 100 hosted online team building events, we have the skills to bring fun to remote workers. James, Luke, Elaine, Angela, Anabelle, Alex (and around 20 others) are the quizmasters you can rely on! Find out more about us.

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