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Office Christmas party quiz trivia

Planning the office holiday party? In July?!

The sun has finally decided to put its hat on in Toronto, about time too! Surely no one is thinking about the office Christmas party?

Yes they are!

Whilst most of us are enjoying patio drinking, beaches and parks, some are worrying about the much-hyped end of year Christmas party…. Executive assistants, HR managers and social committee members – are starting to worry about a way that they can entertain the workforce.

Option 1? Take the staff to a bar. Reliable alcohol, bar snacks, office members so outrageously trolleyed that other colleagues spend their evening panicking about them getting home.

Option 2? The office! Someone does the LCBO run, whilst another calls Pizza Pizza. Now, where’s the photocopier…?

Option 3? Go paint-balling / laser tag / bowling etc. Pretend you are surprised when people start pulling out just before because of snow / the previous night’s hangover / fear of embarrassment…

We provide a fun & easy solution…

A Quiz Coconut trivia event can happen in the bar or the office, and provides just enough focus to be an experience that people can enjoy and go home satisfied, or stay long afterwards and locate the mistletoe.

It’s suitable for all ages and abilities – no running around – and people can participate in the trivia event as much or as little as they like.

The host brings all the materials so there is minimal hassle. Just let us know where to come and we will turn up and entertain for a couple of hours.

Office Christmas parties and seasonal end of year parties should be something to look forward to and a way to build team morale for the coming year. We don’t focus on calling it a Christmas party due to the diversity in Toronto, so it’s not full of questions about Santa Claus. More a combination of the most entertaining questions we’ve done throughout the year with some end-of-year teasers in there too.

Of course, we can customize the content to include questions about your business if you wish. Most like to stay away from office chat at the party though!

For more details, get in touch for a quote. And don’t delay – popular dates are already starting to receive enquiries!

office christmas party quiz trivia

Christmas in the Distillery District

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