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14 Best Virtual Team Building Ideas

14 Best Virtual Team Building Ideas

Almost everyone is working from home, and most corporate event dates are cancelled. It wouldn’t be surprising if you’re finding workplace morale a little low at the moment. It’s not just nights out and birthday parties people are missing. It’s all the water cooler chat and the casual checking in with colleagues around the office that people have had to do without. So it’s a perfect time to organise some fun ways to connect with nothing more than an Internet connection and a webcam. Here are 14 of our best virtual team building ideas!

A lot of us are also having to do a lot more childcare than we are used to. We love the little terrors, but sometimes it feels like a second full-time job keeping them happy and healthy! Whether it’s an event that can help entertain the whole family, or a bit of grown-up time away from the kids, you’re sure to find ideas to lift your team’s spirits.

  1. Virtual Dinner Party as a Corporate Event 

dinner corporate event

Why mess with a classic? Sometimes spending a mealtime together is the best low-pressure environment to build bonds. It’s a good way to let off steam, catch up on news and crack jokes. You can keep it simple with a Zoom call, casual clothes and partaking in your favourite ready meal. Or you can go wild! You can always try a themed party, with home-made costumes and the full works. Why not make a creative backdrop to show off to your colleagues? Better yet, get your kids to make it?

Samantha Vardanega at Using Technology Better has all kinds of cool ideas for how to make your virtual party feel a bit more like a ‘proper’ office party. Simply pick a date and a theme and your virtual corporate event is good to go!

  1. Get your Fantasy Football Team off the ground

The real football might have stopped until further notice, but that only makes the hankering for the weekly fixture stronger in the minds of the sports-inclined. Why not indulge your fantasies with a bit of fantasy team building? The Premier League website has a great set of tools to help you build up a team to beat your colleagues with in these exciting virtual corporate event ideas. There might not be any matches to test your ultimate team’s mettle for a little while, but that just gives you more bragging rights over the great players you’ve snagged, and how well you’re sure they’re going to perform!

  1. The Virtual Team Building Event of All – Virtual Pub Quiz!

pub style beers corporate event

You’re definitely not the only one missing your local. So why not bring the best of a London pub quiz to your virtual corporate event? Quiz Coconut has over 1000 successful quiz nights under its belt, and has hosted entertainments for corporate groups from the likes of Disney, Facebook, Pepsi and AirBnB. For an affordable price, we can give your team between 45 minutes and 2 hours of accessible, inclusive entertainment. Just like in a real pub quiz, you can participate as much as you want to. Keep things cool and enjoy the atmosphere, or go wild with the interactive activities and creative challenges! With our experienced Masters and Mistresses of Ceremonies adept at keeping everyone entertained, this is the perfect virtual corporate event to fire up your competitive streak and have fun. Get in touch: james@quizcoconut.ca.

  1. Craft Showcase

sewing crafts corporate event

Everyone has their passions, and sometimes all you need to do is give someone an opportunity to talk about it! Whether it’s crochet, woodwork or making sculptures from old toilet roll tubes, most of us enjoy making things, and some of us like showing them off to our colleagues. Even if you don’t, your kids might enjoy the challenge! So why not express your creativity and chalk in a time to show each other what you’ve been making? You could even follow the example of the good people at The Virtual Craft Show and create a website to show off your team’s amazing skills! Don’t think you’re much of a crafty person, or you hate scissors and glues and paints? Why not show off your great aesthetic sense on Minecraft, Simple Planes or Cities: Skylines?

  1. FIFA Tournament

fifa tournament corporate event virtual team building

More of a sports gamer than a creative gamer? The FIFA series has enriched millions of home parties over the years, and with a little bit of setup, it could enrich your virtual corporate event too. If you have a few console owners on your team, why not encourage them to stream their matches to all of their colleagues? That way everyone can join in the fun, as supporters, cheerleaders or backseat gamers! If you don’t have enough console owners for that, Steam is sure to have your back with any number of free or cheap sports games to get your team competing. Who has the fastest thumbs in the office? Only one way to find out!

  1. Virtual Team Building Board Games

board game corporate event

With a carefully placed webcam, it isn’t too hard to host a game of Monopoly or another classic board game on your Zoom group or Skype call. I know it’s not quite the same without the physical ‘money’ or moving the physical pieces around the board. As long as people keep careful notes and stay engaged, it’s definitely a good way to get virtual team building going!  When it comes to Scrabble, you can use Facebook to play against each other – make sure to plan a tournament and keep that video feed on for live reactions! It’s half the fun to watch your colleagues’ faces fall as you spell out ‘Xylophone’ on a triple word bonus!

  1. Modern Classic Virtual Team Building Party Games

party games corporate event virtual team building

Less of a fan of the classic board games? Maybe you need something a bit more up-to-the-minute. Oh…Sir!! has gathered quite a reputation as a way to liven up your online parties and deepen friendships through a bit of banter. Duel your way through the competition with increasingly absurd strings of provocative piffle and insulting innuendo. It’s all in very bad taste and it’s all sure to make you laugh! Also full of games to make your virtual corporate event ideas come alive is the Jackbox Party Pack series. From a data-mining guessing game to a custom T-shirt death-match, this is full of inventive ways to battle and bond with your co-workers.


Considering your next team event? Quiz Coconut can help!


  1. Virtual Fashion Show

fashion show corporate event

Maybe your reactions might not be speedy enough for hardcore gaming. You can still take pride in your wardrobe! Co-ordinate your best outfit and strut your stuff in front of your colleagues. Yes, that webcam probably won’t capture your beauty adequately, but this is a great opportunity to show off. You can wear those heels that you can’t walk 100 metres in, or that tux you are afraid of getting dirty. You don’t even have to leave the house in it!

  1. MMORPGs as Virtual Corporate Event Ideas

mmo corporate event

If you are more used to getting out on the town than getting online, you might be asking yourself: “What is an MMORPG? Is it a kind of frog?” It is, of course, a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. That’s a bit of a mouthful, but it basically means that you can create a character, go on fun quests in a fantastical realm, and team up with friends. It can be a great – and fun – way to learn about each other. It says a lot how you design your avatar, or what spells you learn to beat up poor unfortunate monsters. In several, you can set up a guild to create a virtual event for your team whenever you please!

Some of the newer MMORPGs might be a bit hard on your computer or end up costing money through micro-transactions, but you can’t go too wrong with classics like Guild Wars or League of Legends. Time to get your nerd on!

  1. Virtual Cinema

cinema virtual team building

This might all be sounding a bit too hectic for you, so you might be craving a quiet night in, on the sofa, in front of Netflix or death-match. Well, that too can be an opportunity to bond with your colleagues. Why not plan a virtual film night as an office event – make sure you all agree on the film! – and sit down together with your popcorn. Keep open your chat app of choice to pass judgement on that cute lead actor or rant to your colleagues about the camerawork.

  1. Virtual Team Building Bake Off

virtual team building baking

We all love the Great British Bake Off , but sometimes it’s more fun to do than just to watch! Planning a virtual team building bake-off event is simple, cute and endlessly entertaining. Laugh at your boss’s attempts to make banana bread. Cry at Carol’s unbeatable three-tiered carrot cake. Spend the rest of the night enjoying the fruits of your labour. Better still, you can get the whole family involved!

  1. The Unforgettable Corporate Event Idea – Karaoke!

karaoke corporate event

Now, you don’t need us to tell you about karaoke. We all enjoy a singalong – or maybe you don’t, but it’s character-building and virtual team building! You could bring the kids in and organise a karaoke evening for the families in your team. Or wait until the kids are in bed, break out the wine and belt out your teenage jams. You can play it cool with only the backing tracks and your lovely voice. Maybe, though, you’d rather plan a theme night with costumes, backdrops and the works!

Looking for backing tracks on YouTube is all very well, but if you want to make sure the evening’s streaming goes without a hitch, have a look at Karaoke.co.uk. They are a specialist karaoke streaming service with everything you need to set your voices on strongly. Some services are free, and at the time of writing there’s a 30-day premium trial for only 99p!

So there you have it. It’s important to be a little creative and organise things in advance. But there are lots of different ways to team build virtually and host exciting online corporate event ideas. Just make sure to test your chat, call and video services in advance of any event you do, and make sure your team has everything they need to connect. Organising a work party, fundraiser or team-building day needn’t be out of the question, even in this brave new era. Stay in, wash your hands and let the love flow through your computers!

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