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Adventures with ArtResin

Our Adventures with ArtResin!

Who is ArtResin?

A few years ago we met our friends at ArtResin to immortalise a memento we were given at event we hosted. A pre-pandemic event for Facebook in London was a success and the organiser gave us a cake with their logo on it. To preserve this as something we could keep on a shelf, Rebecca allowed us to visit their then-studio in Waterdown, Ontario and helped James to coat it in a clear resin.

A 2022 Christmas party for the ArtResin team!

In December 2022 we were brought to the new spectacular ArtResin headquarters in Dundas, Ontario to entertain the team for a holiday party. Of course, we had to include art-based challenges including the plate art game and ‘dress yourself up like a Christmas tree’ round… lots of fun creativity ensued!

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Who is ArtResin?

Rebecca grew up with a lifetime long passion for photography, but was always plagued by one aspect of the craft. Framing.

With all the time and effort spent getting the perfect shot, a bulky frame seemed to take away from the beauty of her hard work.

Set out to find an alternative solution, in 2005, Rebecca came across epoxy resin. Widely used as an industrial adhesive, resin had just recently started making an appearance on the art scene. Around the same time, Rebecca met her husband, Dave who had the same desire for a less bulky option to display his artwork.

Covering their images in a protective layer of clear gloss would allow the art to be seen without the distraction or bulk of a frame. Although seemingly the perfect solution to the couple’s framing issues, epoxy resin came along with its own set of undesirable features.

Designed for industrial use, resin was not only hard to source, it was loaded with toxic chemicals. Application could only be done with the appropriate gear, in an extremely well vented area and to top it all off, over time, the resin would yellow, leading to a dull, aged piece of art.

With these hurdles in the way of the perfect picture finishing product, Rebecca and Dave set out to create their own resin that was safe to use, and prolonged the life of their hard work.

What is ArtResin?

After almost a decade of testing product from around the globe, Dave and Rebecca finally received a sample of product from Texas. Opposite to the usual industrial resins, this sample contained no solvents, non-reactive dilutants and was virtually scent free. Meaning there are no harmful VOCs being released during application.

This product also contained something different than the rest. An additional ingredient called HALS which is designed to inhibit UV light induced degradation. After a trial run, the team confirmed, the product was perfect.

A few short weeks later, ArtResin hit the shelves, and was instantly a massive hit with artists and photographers worldwide.

Fast forward to today, ArtResin can be found in almost every country and used for virtually any DIY project. Their website is loaded with FAQs, Blogs and How-Tos to help you on your journey to frame-free photos, and so much more!

ArtResin and Quiz Coconut

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