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9 Tricky Trivia Questions About Toronto!

Here are 9 tricky trivia questions about Toronto. How many can you get right?

1 – Which of these Canadians was born closest to Toronto: Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Bryan Adams?


2 – Which is more northernly, Toronto or Milan?


3 – If the CN Tower fell over, in a straight line without falling apart….would it hit the Bell Lightbox on King Street?


4 – Blue Jays included, how many MLB teams are named after animals?


5 – To the nearest 10 how many stops are there on the 501 streetcar from Long Branch to Neville Park?


6 – Which building in Toronto tells you the weather?


7 – I’m standing on an intersection of Yonge Street. On one corner there is a Starbucks, on another one a Shoppers Drug Mart, and on another there is a furniture store. Where am I?


8 – The CN Tower was the tallest building in the world for over 30 years. But which was the tallest in the world for the longest amount of time?


9 – Cryptic GTA: Can you identify the GTA locations from these clues? (1 point each)

1) Spanish bull gets a Notice To Owner

2) The wife gives an epic account

3) Before a man wants to get engaged, he needs to….


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Feeling confident? 11 points available….


  1. Ryan Gosling [London] Reynolds – Vancouver / Adams – Kingston
  2. Milan [45 v 43 degrees north]
  3. Yes it would
  4. 8 [Blue Jays, Orioles, Cardinals, Tigers, Diamondbacks, Cubs, Marlins, Rays]
  5. 100 [exactly: 97]
  6. The Canada Life building – the antenna flashes up and down depending on the temperature change
  7. King Street
  8. Great Pyramid of Giza
  9. 1) Toro-NTO 2) Mrs Saga – Mississauga 3) Pick A Ring – Pickering


0-4: You must be visiting from Ottawa!

5- 8: Call yourself a proper Torontonian?

9-11: Show off! You probably have a tattoo of Drake on your buttocks.

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